Forbidden love. Samurai tradition. 18th Century Rococo. American Arts and Crafts. These are the influences of our premier Signatures, an eclectic pastiche of the best the design world has to offer.

Born of myth, legend and artifact, these distinctive pieces are as individual as the hands that made them. They came to us not from a catalog or collection, but from an instinct for the new and our own wanderlust for the unique. Pulled from the dusty corners of quaint village shops and well-worn pages of our own minds, these one-of-a-kind pieces connect us not only to iconic design, but to our historical roots as craftsmen, visionaries and artisans.

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Unlike closely grouped suites, each piece in the Signatures Collection is capable of standing alone. Often, it is the first, most influential item selected when establishing a concept. And whether it is a massive, Italianate entertainment cabinet or a miniature, Pennsylvania Dutch pedestal table, it invariably becomes the piece that defines the room.

Commissioned exclusively by Stanley Furniture, these estate-worthy showpieces stand as the antithesis of matchy-matchy décor. Some begin their journeys as part of an existing collection and are faithfully reinterpreted for the Signatures customer. While others are designed to scratch a creative itch, update a classic or satisfy a whim. A select few we discovered intact in one of the far corners of the globe, presented in partnership with their original designers.

Regardless of origin, each Signature piece upholds the founding mission of the collection: to inspire the senses, invigorate the spirit and stir the imagination.

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